Sociologist, researcher

Research interests: domestic violence, restorative justice, impact assessment


Doctor of Philosophy (BME, 2016), Sociology MA (University of Pécs, 2004), Social Policy MA (University of Pécs, 2004).

As a researcher

The following list describes only the most important research projects I took part in the last few years. My CV describes all of the research works I have been involved since 1996.

On the field of domestic violence and human trafficking

Key clients: Foresee Research Group within the framework of IMPRODOVA and IMPROVE research programs; Simpact Magyarország Nonprofit Kft.; Családbarát Magyarország Központ.

Restorative justice, conflict resolution

Key clientsNational University of Public Service and Foresee Research Group within the framework of COREPOL és ALTERNATIVE  research programs. Individual research in Taiwan (Taiwan Fellowship Program), USA (Fulbright Scholarship)  and Japan (Invitational Fellowships for Research in Japan).

Impact assessment

Information about my work related to impact assessment is available on the website of HOLO.

Other research

I have conducted research on Roma integration, prejudice, social exclusion, active citizenship, democratic education, corporate social responsibility

As an assistant professor / lecturer / instructor

NKE, Doctoral School of Police Sciences and Law Enforcement. Research methodology (2016-).

CEPOL, 40/2015 European Joint Master Programme. The Methodological Concepts of the Social Science (2015, 2017).

The University of Pécs, Scool of Social Policy and Social Work and the University of Pécs, School of Sociology. Courses taught: The basis of empirical social science research, Survey methods, Collecting and processing data, Questionnaire-based techniques from a qualitative point of view, Sociological methods in socio-political research, Multiculturalism and involvement in the European Capital of Culture (1999-2009).

I taught further research methodology courses at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of BME, as well as Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences.

 As a leader

I was the Executive Director of the Kurt Lewin Foundation between 2009 and 2012.